Thursday, May 10, 2007

Stippers for the children

While I applaud this guy's open-mindedness, I have to point out his foolishness in not being more selective in deciding which of his son's friends were invited.

The only reason we know about the party is that obviously one of those boys was a tattle-tale and ran home blabbing the whole story to mommy. Dumbass.

As a parent, I feel he has every right to hire strippers (plural!) for his son's birthday if he so chooses, as well as encouraging his child to consume alcohol. I think he crossed the line when included other people's children in the event as well, without first obtaining the consent of those parents... he obviously had no right to do so.

The really big thing that prevents this guy from becoming a shining beacon of hope for those of us who wish to oppose the nanny state from dictating how we live our lives is the alledged illegal posession of explosives in his home. I don't care what they were for, but if someone's got some bombs stashed, he should be fined a little more than R2000.

P.S. Before anyone starts accusing me of being a Libertarian or an Anarchist: I don't really oppose the notion of a nanny state, just the notion of an ill-advised one.

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