Monday, March 08, 2010

A Matter of Faith

Recently I have been called to task on my seemingly religious devotion to Google. I have been accused of straying from the path, and worshiping false gods. That the one true creator of the universe would not abide my apparent infidelity.

But I submit to those, my detractors, that I have not strayed! I remain ever faithful to my creator! I submit to them, and to you, that Google and the Flying Spaghetti Monster are one and the same!

FSM Google Doodle

See? The FSM's meatballs are the two O's in the name 'Google'. And the eyes on stalks: they represent Google's ever-present, omniscient and unblinking gaze upon the Internet!

And if you require more proof than this, I offer you the one argument that will forever convince you.

1. Google is the Internet.
2. The Internet is a series of tubes.
3. What else is a series of tubes?

Noodly Appendages

If that hasn't convinced you, then nothing will. I will pray search for your soul. RAmen.

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