Friday, February 17, 2012

Continuing MTN Fail

I posted a few days ago about a dilemma I'm facing about my choice of cellphone, and of cellular network.

(The story so far: I want to upgrade to a Galaxy Nexus next week, but MTN South Africa has decided not to carry the device.)

Let's just take a look at the Galaxy Nexus quickly.


Thing is, it's not even about the phone anymore. As much as I want to have this device, I'm not an unreasonable guy. I might be open to considering alternatives.

What's seriously pushing me away right now is MTN's complete failure to engage with me about it. In addition to my last blog post (which was enough to catch their attention last time) I've also sent them three tweets. The most recent one:

There's been plenty of activity on the @MTNSouthAfrica Twitter account, so it's not as if it's down or anything... they've just decided to ignore me. I've also tagged them in a post on Google+ for what it's worth.

Now, I may not be a major corporate customer, but as individual customers go, I reckon I'm probably at least in the top 5% over there. I give them a lot (far too much, in fact) of money. I probably single-handedly pay for one of the awesome coffee machines they have over at the Innovation Centre.

They dispense liquid love
(photo courtesy Barbara Curtis)

I haven't tried calling the call centre. Last time I tried that, I was on hold for over an hour before I was cut off, and never actually got to speak to anyone. I don't have that kind of time to waste.

I was at a conference last week where Gio from Virgin Active SA was presenting. He, and others, made some very powerful points about how to keep customers happy: Can't do what I ask? Talk to me, apologise and try to make it up to me.

Continue to ignore me and I'll be gone, and not quietly. And I won't be alone. Someone else will have to pay for your coffee machine.

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