Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's up!

Ok, it took me the better part of two weeks, but I've finally finished the transcript of my presentation.

If you have half an hour to kill and want to learn more about Star Trek technology, cruise along to the Dauntless website and take a look. I haven't included any of the visual aids I used in the original presentation... if you think I need to put those in (some of the concepts I cover are pretty complex), lemme know.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Xmen: The Last Stand - Ultra-condensed version

Ian McKellan
The humans have developed a weapon against us. We will have a WAR.

(There is a WAR and it is AWESOME)


Monday, June 19, 2006

Trek Minicon report

Well, the con went pretty well.

The gamer hordes who were supposed to show up for our CCG tournament and Role-Playing afterwards didn’t pitch… leaving my associate Tournament Director alone in the gaming hall for most of the day and leaving myself and my associate Role Playing Narrator with a bunch of newbies for the RPG session that evening.

Also the quiz questions I had devised were not used, for some reason… the quiz was cancelled.

Other than that, it was frikken cool.

My presentation was well received and I was inundated with questions about it for the rest of the day (as usual). The other speaker also delivered some fascinating insights, as I knew he would. I just hope his (somewhat obscure) episode references weren’t lost on everyone else… even I battled to keep up with him sometimes.

I even walked away with some free stuff… a pair of SFSA tumblers (to add to my collection of SFSA tumblers); a fantasy novel of intimidating length that I might get up the courage to read someday; and a gift from one of the local gaming retailers: a t-shirt, rules disk and demo-decks for the new Battlestar Galactica card game – a thinly veiled gesture designed to lure me into becoming a volunteer representative for the game which, since I have yet to see a single episode of the new BG series, is unlikely.

All in all it was a good day. I got to feel like an expert in something important for a day, and my uniform was much admired… it always goes down well at these things. Hopefully next year they’ll be less indecisive about the arrangements and I’ll have enough time to make a real effort in marketing the event.

For those of you who missed my talk and are waiting for the transcript, you’ll have to be patient. It took me a few days to write up the last one, so you can expect this one to take just as long. I’ll try to have it up on the Dauntless website by the end of the week, but no promises.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Dilbert Blog: Relativity

The Dilbert Blog: Relativity

I'm becoming more and more of a Scott Adams fan.

I still disagree with a lot of what he has to say (and he says a lot of things with the express intent that people like me will disagree with him), but he seems to have an uncanny knack of expressing extremely complicated scientific and philosophical concepts in very clear and manageable ways.