Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Last Thursday Hide’s colleagues invited us out to drinks in honour of her birthday. Cool.
Afterwards, in the parking lot, I had reversed out of my parking bay, and was turning my wheels so as to begin pulling off when we felt a sharp jolt. Some idiot woman had reversed into me.

(Battle Begins:
01: 100Health Points, 100Attack Points
Idiot Woman: 100HP, 100AP)

(Idiot Woman: “Drunken Cellphone Reverse Attack!” -10AP)

I leapt out and quickly inspected the damage. I didn’t see any at first until a bouncer, who had seen it happen, pointed out that my bumper was hanging loose on the other side. There was also a little dent in the body panel under the left tail-light cluster. There was a tiny dent on her rear fender… not as bad as mine. (Idiot Woman: -10HP; 01: -25HP)

The idiot woman was profuse in her apologies (01: +5AP). We exchanged details, I photographed the scene (01: +1AP), and collected details from the bouncer (01: +5AP) and, after securing the loose bumper with a shoelace, we went on our way.

On Friday I took my car in for a quote from the panel beater, which turned out considerably higher than I expected (01: -25HP).

I weighed up my options and eventually decided to go ahead and claim from my insurance. I made an appointment for a damage assessment.

I went to the assessment today. I decided not to mention that she was drunk and using her cellphone when it happened, because I hadn’t seen those things myself… although I did have witnesses to those facts, should the need arise. They contacted her to obtain her insurance details… they would need them in order to recoup my excess.

(01: “Insurance Consultant Enquiry Attack!” -5AP)

She refused to give her details. She claimed that she was not at fault, and that she wanted to contact me to discuss it.

(Idiot Woman: “Denial Defense!”)

The consultant assured me that their legal department would handle it and reimburse me my excess eventually, but I can see this is going to be a difficult one.

I have a full arsenal of weapons up my sleeve: the “+20 Witness of Drunkenness and Cellphone Usage”, my five “+20 Witnesses of Me Not Drinking a Drop” and my “+5 Photos of Accident Scene”… not to mention my secret weapon: my “+200 Most Amazing Girlfriend in the Universe Who is an Attorney and a Witness”.

I’m quite confident that I’ll win this one, I just wish it didn’t have to be a battle. I just want my car to be fixed… it’s bad enough I’m going to have to go without it for however long it’ll take to fix, but I don’t want to have to pay for it as well.

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