Thursday, June 07, 2007

Killer Alien Non-invasions

Belief in Aliens Can Turn Deadly LiveScience

People who don't like my scepticism sometimes ask me "What's the harm?"

This is the harm.

I realise that these are extreme cases, but surely you can see that for every "moderate" person who tolerates this sort of thing and grants believers the right to retain their delusions contributes to the atmosphere of acceptance of credulity in society, and ultimately to unecessary harm to innocent people.

There's no convincing some people that aliens aren't probing their anuses (ani?), but if we don't at least try, aren't we negelecting our human obligations?

As Mr Randi once put it: (I'm paraphrasing) If you know someone is in a burning building and will die if you don't try to save them, shouldn't you try to save them? Sure, if after you haul them out of the inferno they determinedly crawl back into the flames, there's not much you can do... but don't you at least have to make the effort?