Tuesday, November 20, 2007

LifeWave II: The Saga Continues

Well, I'm glad to report that I was proven wrong... to some extent.

Last week I predicted that I would not recieve a reponse from Primedia's marketing department relating to my complaint about their airing advertisments for LifeWave Nanopatches.

I was wrong. It took them a week, but I finally heard back from them. Here is their response:

Dear Owen.

We appreciate the time you have taken to write to us.

Please note that Talk Radio 702 is a credible News and Information
station. We deem any communication conveyed by our advertisers to our listeners
as credible, above board and legitimate. I do however understand that some of
your concerns may be valid it is however ultimately up to the Advertising
Standards Authority to manage this process. I’m sure that you will appreciate
that we are a commercial radio station and although from time to time it has
come to our attention that advertisers may promote products or offerings that
may not deliver on what they promise it is not our responsibility to decide.

Please direct your concerns and complaints to the Advertising Standards
Authority on 011 781 2006 or visit their website on

Kind regards,

Andrew Cooper
Direct Sales Manager
Primedia Broadcasting

In other words, Primedia like to think of themselves as a reputable media corporation, but don't feel that it's their responsibility to enforce that, rather relying on an external agent to inform them when they have stepped over the line.

It should be noted that the AASA is not a government sponsored organisation.
They are set up and sustained by the media industry themselves as a self-regulatory system. An honourable goal to be sure, but it seems now to result in that same industry abdecating all responsibility and passing the buck to the AASA.

"Oh what a fool I have been to go searching for courage in the lair of cowards"
- Admiral Alidar Jarok

But that's fine. At least I now know were we stand, and I'll follow it up with the AASA as I had planned. They have a pretty good track record of responding, so I'll let you know what they have to say.