Thursday, January 24, 2008

Technology Addiction

This is dumb.

It's pretty stupid to describe it as an addiction to "technology". It's like describing alcoholism as an addiction to "fluids".

We are all, by definition, addicted to technology in some form or another. To suggest that our technology is in any way separate from ourselves is a short sighted and ignorant statement.

These people are merely familiar with communications technology, recognise the benefits of it over face-to-face interaction. They may well be addicted to the stimulus of receiving messages via that technology (I've been there), but that is the addiction, not the technology itself.

This is perfect Oprah fodder. I predict that she will have a show soon on exactly this topic, and will bang on about how harmful "technology" is. And all her little minions will dutifully watch this on their televisions and then go and order the latest book from Oprah's Book Club on her official website.

Then they'll go around living their lives, using electricity, indoor plumbing, driving cars, wearing clothes and shoes, taking medicine and reading books honestly oblivious to the fact that they are just as "addicted" to technology as everyone else.

That even counts for the Amish and other crazy people: Where did you get that plow, Jebediah? That's some nifty woven cloth that your buttonless shirt is made from, Jacob!