Friday, February 15, 2008


I must apologise to me regular readers. Apparently you do exist... Google told me so. Who knew?


Anyway, I must apologise for not posting as often as usual. Under normal circumstances I try to get at least one post up here a day on average. As you'll have noticed, this is my third post in the last couple of weeks.

So what's the deal?

I assure you that I haven't lost interest in this blog, and I'm not suffering from Malaria or writer's block or anything, I'm simply a victim of circumstance.

I do most of my surfing and blogging at the office. I could do it at home, but my home PC is unbelievably slow, and I use my cellphone as a modem. Mobile broadband = expensive.

My office PC was injured by Eskom several weeks ago, and since then hasn't been the same. It's pretty difficult for me to surf productively, and just painful to try and write anything of significant length.

I have been able to squeeze out some writing for the USS Dauntless website, as well as posting some interesting items on my Google Reader feed and my Facebook profile. If you're really keen to see what I'm up to, I suggest you check those out (and subscribe to the feeds... feeds = good idea).

Once the issues with my work PC have been resolved (he said, optimistically) I'll be able to resume my usual blogging schedule. In the mean-time, please bear with me, and feel free to browse through the archives.