Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Knock it off!

Over the past few weeks, two of the videos in my Homeopathic Suicide Attempt series have been flagged as inappropriate by YouTube users.

Fortunately none of them have yet been taken down by YouTube, and well they shouldn’t, because I haven’t violated their terms of use.

But it’s curious that some folks out there think it’s necessary to flag them. I wonder why.

Is it because of the “suicide” in the title? If they watched the videos, they would see that in fact no suicide takes place... that despite my best homeopathic efforts, I am still none the worse for wear.

Is it because the videos are depicting drug abuse? Again, watching them should tell you that I didn’t actually take any drugs. All I took was 48 placebos!

So, that leaves me with two hypotheses:

  1. People watching the videos think they’re so awesome that they try to mark them as Favourites, but click the wrong button by mistake.
  2. People are somehow ideologically offended that I would deign to debunk the world-wide fraud that is homeopathy. Because they’re offended, they assume that I must be breaking a rule somewhere, and they flag it as inappropriate in the hopes that I am. (I’m not).

I prefer Number 1. Which do you think it is?