Monday, August 04, 2008

More Number Portability Hijinks

In the previous episode, Provider A had invoiced me for a ridiculously large
"penalty fee", and I was awaiting a call from their support people.

The call never came.

On Friday night, I received an automated message from my bank to inform me
that Nashua Mobile (I'm done protecting them) had withdrawn over R4000 from
my account, despite the fact that I told them not to.

I was a little upset.

First thing on Saturday morning I went to the bank and reversed the payment,
after I left a steaming comment on (search for it).

This morning I got en email from someone claiming to work in the office of
the Managing Director of Nashua Mobile. If I was the MD I would be pretty
embarrassed about the spelling and grammar being used on my behalf. But I

This person was about as helpful as everyone else at Nashua Mobile has been
to me lately: not at all. He pretty much continued to treat me like a
naughty child, and didn't provide any evidence supporting his claim. He
tries the old "It's not us, it's the Network Provider" bait and switch, but
I'm not buying it. I'm still with the same network, just a different
middle-man. Why would my network want to punish a loyal and long-standing
subscriber for wanting to switch middle-men?

It would be like Coca-Cola charging me a fine for buying my Coke from Pick
'n Pay instead of Shoprite. It's just plain stupid. Of course it's possible
that MTN really is that stupid, but I think it's more likely that Nashua is
trying to pull a fast one.

I informed him in no uncertain terms that he was to provide me with all the
supporting documentation, as well as the recordings of all the conversations
I've had with his minions over this issue. It's only been about six hours
since then, and no response yet. I guess not everyone checks their email
more than once a day. least of all marketing people in the
telecommunications industry.

As I said, I've lost my patience with this ridiculous situation. Either they
must produce proof that I really am obliged to pay them this amount, or they
must give up.

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