Friday, February 12, 2010

Nerdies 2010 - The Results

Well, it's over. Nerdmag's 2010 Nerdies awards have come and gone, and the winners announced.

Congratulations to @BecauseI and @NickHuntDavis! It was a rough contest, but you guys performed excellently. Enjoy those awesome prizes!

To my readers: thank you all for the support, forwards, blog posts, retweets, arm-twisting, and most importantly, the votes you guys offered. I had no idea my cause would be taken up so strongly by all of you, and I reckon I owe you all pretty big :)

To whoever may or may not have been cheating on my behalf: I don't know who you are or condone your actions, but I do appreciate your intent. Thank you for your apparently dedicated, if misguided efforts. I never thought I'd see the day when someone (or perhaps several someones) would be willing to hack a poll to get me to win (assuming that was the goal). Who knew?

Thank you also to The Skeptic Blacksheep for giving me the push to enter the competition. Thanks to my running mate, The Skeptic Detective, for sharing her publicity with me. Thanks also to @SheeBeeGee for running the whole thing.

I hope we'll see another Nerdies contest in 2011, and I hope we'll get a chance to do it all again (hopefully with less drama next time).