Sunday, May 30, 2010


Are you a hypocrite? Let's find out.

Do you believe any of the following things?

  • Evolution didn't happen, or if it did, it doesn't explain the origin of the humankind.
  • Climate change is all hype.
  • Homeopathy works.
  • The age of the universe is measured in thousands of years, not millions and certainly not billions.
  • The Earth is flat, not spherical or spheroid.
  • Quantum physics explains the existance of the soul.
  • The pyramids could only have been build by aliens. Humans of that period weren't clever enough to pull it off.
  • People can bend cutlery using only the power of their mind.
  • It's possible to predict the future reliably by interpreting celestial signs, tarot cards, gazing into crystal balls or just thinking about it really hard.
  • Vaccines cause autism.

If you do believe in any of those things (or anything similar), and you're reading this, congratulations! You are a hypocrite!

Why? I'll tell you!

The methods used to learn, parse, understand and apply the principles used to create computers and the Internet (the thing you're using to read this right now) are the very same methods used to understand the following reliable bits of understanding about the world:

And so on.

So, I propose this: either rethink your belief in those crazy notions, or do the rest of us a favour and stop using the Internet - since it clearly doesn't fit into your "worldview". Also: stop using gravity.