Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Carnivals and Awards

Just a quick couple of notes:

1. Check out the latest edition of the Carnival of the Africans hosted at Bomoko and Other Nonsense Words.

2. Please nominate Ionian Enchantment and The Skeptic Detective for the SA Blog Awards. Instructions on how to do that here. (And feel free to throw a nomination my way too, if you're so inclined.)

K, that's all for now.


  1. Sheesh Owen, your site is bandwidth intensive and then some – 1.5MB plus per visit. This means I can’t visit often.

  2. Hrm... I hadn't considered that. Must be the fancy new theme. I'll have to look into that.

    I'd suggest looking into an aggregator like Google Reader as a way of dealing with that issue for this and other sites. That would probably be easier on the bandwidth.

    I'll try to trim it down though... thanks for the heads-up.

  3. Owen, the StopDanieKrugel site is bust. I understand Ivan handed the project over to you.

  4. The domain for came up for renewal last week. I've renewed it, but it seems there's a bit of a delay in processing it. Hopefully it'll be back up again soon.