Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The ensigns of command

Wow, this is turning out to be an awesome week for me, with regards to my STARFLEET career. I just received this email:

To: Commander Owen Swart, Executive Officer, USS Dauntless, NCC-74214
From: Rear Admiral Jennifer Rosbury, Region 2 Coordinator
Through: Fleet Captain Thomas Donohoe, Commanding Officer, USSDauntless, NCC-74214

The Region 2 Coordinator and Captain of the USS Dauntless has special trust and confidence in the honor and fidelity of Commander Swart. Based on these qualities effective immediately you are promoted to the rank of CAPTAIN with all the rights and privileges thereof.

Captain Swart, report to the Commanding Officer of the USS Dauntlessfor further orders.

How awesome is this?


  1. Wait. Are you a captain now? Captain swart? Cool!

  2. Well Captain by rank, yes, but I'm still the XO of my ship.

    In SFI the rank system is rather informal... it's more a recognition of service rendered than an indication of status.

    Still sounds cool tho :)