Wednesday, January 10, 2007

IOL Technology - Apple unveils new iPhone, vows to 'revolutionize' mobile sector

IOL Technology - Apple unveils new iPhone, vows to 'revolutionize' mobile sector

Once again, I'm not impressed. Apple's innovation ended when they came up with the GUI first (and even that is debatable)... since then all they've done is release a string of knock-offs of the real thing... the iPod and now the iPhone are typical examples of that.

"So, wait, you're telling me that they've released a device that you can put MP3s on, and then listen to them wherever you go? Wow!"
The iPod wasn't the first MP3 player. If I'm not mistaken, the first commerically available one was the Rio Jazz back in 1998. Granted, the contemporary iPod is far superior to those first generation Rios, but then so are all the other MP3 players that are on the market today, many of which are superior to the iPod at a fraction of the price., not iTunes, was the first well-known website to sell individual MP3s. And iTunes is still not the best or the cheapest source for online digital content.

And now the iPhone: a device combining a media player, voice cellphone and digital camera with the ability to run downloadable appliactions and surf the Internet. Big fricken whoop! My year-old Nokia 6680 does all those things. In fact, the Nokia 6600 I had for two years before that did all of those things too... it's nothing new.

(Incidentally I have Google Maps with satellite imaging on my 6680 too, and could also look up my stocks, if I had any)

The only remarkable thing about the iPhone in my eyes is the 8gig storage on-board. To my knowledge, only the Nokia N91 has comparable on-board storage with 4gigs, plus a memory card expansion slot that could take it up to 6. But Nokia's next generation will, no doubt, feature 8gigs of memory too.

So what do you want, Steve Jobs? A cookie? Once again you've just copied everyone else... and now we're supposed to praise you for it? Get a real computer, Steve, and a real job.