Monday, January 15, 2007

Public service

I've decided that, as a service to my beloved readers (if there are any of you left, that is), I will share my experiences in the form of advice... specifically with regards to my current experiences in the wicked world of real estate.

Today's lesson: Real-estate agents.

They are the devil. Never forget that.

Real estate agents act on behalf of the seller, because that's who pays their commission. They will do anything within their power to get as high a price for the buyer as possible, because then their commission is higher.

Supply and demand are one thing, but these people are deliberately manipulating the market so as to screw over the buyers and push property prices as high as possible.

When an estate agent says "The buyer won't negotiate on price" it means that the agent won't negotiate on price. Agents will say all kinds of crap like that.

They'll say stuff like "The property on the market now is overlap from last year, and the new stock hasn't arrived yet... that's why it's so expensive." Although it sounds impressive, it doesn't mean anything. It's the same as when "economic experts" spout off a million and one reasons why the petrol price is ridiculously high, when we all know that it's actually just Dubya's fault.

Don't forget: estate agents are the devil.