Wednesday, May 02, 2007

IOL: Group welcomes tighter pornography laws

IOL: Group welcomes tighter pornography laws

It doesn't surprise me one bit that the "group" mentioned above is the Christian Action Network.

They're a local group (which may or may not be affiliated to the CAN based in America) opposed to abortion, pornography, homosexuality and just about everything you would expect a group with that name to be opposed to.

Lack of evidence has never stopped any Fxian from pushing his own agenda, but I fear that these idiots and their compatriots carry far too much favour with the current regime.

I'm not saying that K-TV should start showing episodes of the Red Shoe Diaries after Ninja Turtles on a Saturday morning, but I am saying that having been a teenage boy once myself, if kids want porn, they will get it.

I realise that the current laws are in place to protect children from sexual exploitation... and I'm totally on board with that. But banning porn altogether won't stem that tide any further. In fact, I believe the opposite to be the case.

Rather let folks who are so inclined indulge in some porn when they need to, than force them to repress their sexualities to the point where it becomes a serious problem and results in the victimisation of innocents.

Sure, keep the hard-core stuff off TV. I would hardly call etv's Saturday night offering "porn", but since there aren't many non-pay channels to choose from I can understand why some folks would be so opposed to it being there.

On the other hand, when it comes to the soft-core porn on etv, I don't see any harm there either. Small kids who have no interest in sex should be in bed, asleep, that late at night. If your five-year-old is watching TV with you at midnight, there's something not quite right there. The material is so mild that teenagers who are interested in seeing it and are crafty enough to program the PVR to record it without getting caught by their parents aren't going to be harmed at all by that sort of thing either.

In other words, the only people being harmed by it are the fundamentalist Christians and their ilk who have nothing better to do on a Saturday night than channel-surf. And how should they fix it? They should write to Rhema-Man and ask him to broadcast his stupid TV station 24-hours a day... he certainly gets paid enough for it.