Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Hulk

Next to Superman, the Hulk is my favourite superhero.

I’ve always been able to identify with the thing of transforming into another person - a giant monster - whenever his emotions get too much for him. I feel the urge to do that as well. Sometimes I even give in to the urge.

Today was a day when I felt that urge. I can’t discuss the details of it, but thankfully I didn’t give in to it this time.

One quote kept flashing through my head this afternoon. If I remember correctly it’s from The Incredible Hulk #250, June 1994 (I have the holographic variant cover edition). It goes something like this:

I heard a scream. I wanted to laugh, and cry… and kill… and kill… and kill… and keep on killing until the green is washed away with red!

Today that is how I feel.