Monday, January 30, 2006

The Most Amazing Girlfriend

I may have mentioned this before, but I have the coolest girlfriend in the universe.

The Most Amazing Show with Corne and Twakkie has recently made it to local television, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the first few episodes. So much so that the coolest girlfriend in the universe suggested we try and get into the studio audience.

So I dropped a quick email to the guy on the web-site and with some shuffling around managed to find a convenient time to go watch the show being recorded.

Another intervention from the coolest girlfriend in the universe resulted in us going to a different show, the second last one in the series where the guest stars are the guys from Crazy Monkey!

It was frikken awesome. We didn’t get a chance to talk to any of them afterwards, but both Corne and Twakkie hit on me from the stage between takes… I feel honoured.

All thanks to the coolest girlfriend in the universe, with whom I celebrate our three month anniversary today.

I love you, babi. Thank you.