Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Punisher

WizKids - Marvel HeroClix - The Punisher

I reckon the movie about this guy really did him justice.

Although most people think of this piece as unremarkable, he's earned a permanent spot in my HeroClix teams.

I mean, just look at his dial. Ok, granted, he can't take much damage... he's only human after all. But the initial combo of Stealth, Willpower and Ranged Combat Expert coupled with a nice, long range and a high Attack value is lethal!

He takes one click of damage and suddenly gains Smoke Cloud... the best possible compliment to his Stealth... he can create his own cover!

Another click and he loses that invaluable Willpower to be replaced with Toughness... not as useful, but at least it'll keep him in the game a little longer.

He clicks again, and his powers change again! Stealth is replaced with Running Shot (excellent) and Ranged Combat Expert gives way to Outwit (BRILLIANT) plus he switches to bigger guns and his Damage value jumps to 3!

Three more clicks and he's gone, but by this time he's probably already done significant damage to opponents' teams.

My strategy is get him close to the middle of the map, hide him in some bushes or under a desk, and let him snipe the crap out of anyone unlucky enough to get in range. When he loses his Stealth he jumps out and goes ape, using his Running Shot and Outwit together like a knife and fork to carve up opposing heavy hitters.

Best to back him up with someone like Shi (Veteran)... just in case someone gets too close for him to use his Ranged Combat Expert.

And all this for only 65 points!

Prepare to be Punished!