Monday, February 21, 2005

Zecharia Sitchin - Adam

I wanted to read his books before embarking on a serious critique of his work, but this man's web-site alone has provided me with more than enough material to get started on.

I have no real agenda with this (and future) critiques... I am only asking questions about his theories. I hope one day Mr. Sitchin himself will be able to answer these questions, but I suspect he won't.

I'll begin with this article.


1. Although it's not technically incorrect, I wonder why he chose to use one of the more archaic proper names for God in his opening paragraph. "Elohim" is a rather obscure choice, when the term "God" would have sufficed.

The etymology of the word 'Elohim' can be found here.

2. The second paragraph seems to imply that the Human Genome Project has completed their survey. They haven't. Sitchin quotes one set of estimates, but the jury is still very much out on the question. It will be some time before we have a real answer.

Here is a good place to find information about that.

My question is: why take preliminary results of an incomplete study as fact?

3. In the same paragraph, he refers to Humanity as the "pinnacle of the genomic Tree of Life!".

Although I suppose he is entitled to his opinion on this, what makes him think that we are any more a pinnacle of evolution than a chimpanzee, a fruit-fly or yeast?

All species on Earth have been evolving for the same amount of time. We have all made changes and adapted through the evolutionary process to make us better at whatever it is we do. Who says we're any better than any other species?


... This post was not completed. Perhaps someday I'll finish it, but don't hold your breath.