Thursday, August 17, 2006 : News - Marvel Movie Line Up : News - Marvel Movie Line Up

Ok, I take it all back. Apparently someone does have some brains...

Iron Man's release will be followed by another Hulk movie (sequel or not, I don't know), as well as a suite of sequels we were expecting:

Spider-Man 3
Fantastic Four 2 (alledgedly featuring the Silver Surfer)
The Punisher 2

Of course the Wolverine movie is coming too, along with some surprises:

Captain America (Sweet!)
Thor (Way sweet!)
Magneto (As a vallain he's awesome, but as the hero?)
Nick Fury (Could be cool)
Namor (AKA The Sub-Mariner, Marvel's answer to Aquaman. Who would want to see that?)
Ant-Man (A second rate hero at best... something different, I suppose)
The Avengers (a group sequel perhaps? Iron Man 2, Captain America 2, Thor 2 and Ant-Man 2 all rolled up together? That would be brilliant! Who else is in the Avengers again?)
Gargoyle (Never heard of him)
Deathlok (Never heard of him either)

I'll sniff around to see if I can find a similar list for DC Comics' properties.