Thursday, August 17, 2006

What you've missed. Part 2

The next thing that happened was my birthday.

I decided that this year I wanted a low-key, intimate celebration instead of my usual “Let’s do something cool that everyone likes doing but nobody does often enough” plan.

The Most Amazing Girlfriend in the Universe facilitated the whole thing, and ensured that it was all thoroughly enjoyable… plus she spoiled me with some really cool stuff.

(Since many of you forgot about my birthday, please feel free to make use of the “buy me stuff” section on the right-hand side of this page. Scroll down, you’ll see it. If you get me something cool I’ll consider forgiving you.)

We also planned well in advance, and timed it all to coincide with the beginning of two weeks’ leave we took together (which is why I haven’t been blogging).

We decided that we wanted to use the time to go away somewhere, so that’s exactly what we did.

We drove down to Ballito, where we stayed in a lovely little self-catering holiday flat for a week. We were right across from the beach, which we visited regularly. While all you poor saps were shivering with cold and pretending it was snowing up in Joburg, we were lying in the sun watching the dolphins swim past.

It was awesome, except for two things.
1. There is nowhere in Ballito where you can buy a T-shirt saying “Ballito” on it. We considered stopping at one of the larger malls on the way home and getting T-shirts made, but we decided against it. However I did get a necklace with a shark-tooth on it. I’m now, like, totally a surfer. Fully.

2. I made the mistake of ordering a prawn curry at a seafood restaurant. The prawn curries you get in Joburg are quite mild, and usually exquisite. The ones in or near Durban are also exquisite, but most certainly not mild. If you ever find yourself tempted to order a curry of any sort at a restaurant in or near Durban, heed this advice: NOOOOOOOO!

But we eventually decided to come back and go back to work. That may have been a mistake.

Sunrise over the ocean as seen from the balcony of our flat