Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Devil on Two Legs

My spiritual beliefs center around the physical, observable universe. With that said, it may surprise you that I believe in Karma.

It's a little less surprising when the idea of Karma is expressed like this: "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction." That's Newton's third law of motion.

Yes, I know, Quantum Mechanics has made Newtonian Physics obsolete. But just because causality has no meaning at a quantum level, doesn't mean that it should be completely ignored when dealing with matter.

In fact, I suggest (as many others have before me) that the concept of causality becomes increasingly relevant as the complexity of the system increases.

When dealing with a system as complex as ideological concepts of Good and Evil, it becomes more relevant than ever.

This has been proven to me recently.

Within my relative universe there is a person who embodies the epitome of my concept of Good: The Coolest Girlfriend in The Universe.

That's not to say that she is perfect. She is still a human being with frailties and vulnerabilities that come with that. I don't always agree with her judgment or her actions, but I am convinced that the root motivation for everything she does is benevolent. It's that base intent that makes her Good.

According to my Complexity Karma model, if a person as Good as my girlfriend exists, it stands to reason that somewhere there must be someone who is the exact opposite: a beinq motivated solely by malevolence. I have encountered such a being.

The miserable company I work for has imported a mission specialist to "help" us with the project we're currently working on.

This man is pure Evil. The air around him crackles with invisible flame... Flame that consumes the oxygen from the room he's in, asphixiating all carbon-based life-forms in his presence.

It appears that his mission is to undo every bit of good influence The Coolest Girlfriend in The Universe has had on me.

Where she stimulates my ambition, he reduces me to a state of apathy.
Where she nurtures and bolsters my self-esteem, he assails me with spears of self-doubt.

My only escape seems to be to leave the company, soon. I only hope that my refuge, The Coolest Girlfriend in The Universe, is able to keep me on my feet until then.