Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The two-factor relationship theory

This is a theory I have recently encountered, and I believe it to be quite logical. It’s obviously over-simplified, and it only really applies to the first few months of the relationship, but I think it’s a good thing to keep in mind.

It goes like this:

There are two major factors to any romantic relationship:
1. Conversation
2. Sex

This means there are three types of relationships:

Type 1: Physical. In this type, the conversation is something that is viewed by one or both parties as something you have to sit through in order to get to the sex. These relationships are doomed to failure as they have no substantial foundation.

Type 2: Intellectual. This is where there is stimulating and enjoyable conversation, but the sex is unrewarding for one or both parties. These are the relationships that are most likely to end up as “just friends”.

Type 3: Perfect. This is where the conversation and sex are equally enjoyable for both parties. This is a person you should marry.

Like I said, it’s very simplistic, but pretty accurate, wouldn’t you say?

I reckon if you find yourself a Type 3 you should fight for it. Do whatever you can to hold onto it, because you don’t get those every day. And if you let it slip away, odds are you’ll regret it… possibly for the rest of your life.