Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Almost there

This weekend I'm moving.

I've rented a house with fellow bloggers Hide and dukenuke and we take occupation on the first of the month.

Despite the fact that I'll still be in the wrong city on the first of the month, and some recent political issues with my house-mates, I'm really looking forward to it.

Where I am now was the first place I've lived in since moving out of my parents' house a year ago. I've been sharing a flat with an old buddy.

It just became unreasonably impractical to stay there... it was too far from work, and just about every other aspect of my life.

So now we're moving to Northcliff. Closer to work, most of my friends and the center of everything in Joburg.

Plus I'll be sharing my new home with two of my best friends. And I hope it will be exactly that for the three of us: a home.