Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Robert The Bruce Claymore

Robert The Bruce Claymore

I'm giving serious thought to buying this.

I'll admit, I was inspired by the Real Life into choosing this particular sword, but buying a sword has been on my To Do list for some time.

The way I see it, it's a man's duty to defend the way of life of his family. Although swords haven't really been used in combat since WWI, I still believe that the sword is a symbol for a man's acceptance of that duty. I suppose in this day and age a gun might serve the same purpose, but I think a sword is far more elegant and attractive.

I like this particular sword because it represents my scottish heritage. As a matter of fact my maternal grandmother's maiden name was MacMillan. The MacMillan crest depicts a claymore in it:

I would like to get a "battle ready" version with a high-carbon steel blade as opposed to an ornamental stainless steel one because I would like it to be potentially functional. Although I hope I'll never have to use it, I would like to be able to, should the need arise.

Once I have it, I'll be visiting Griffon's Tor, the local chapter of the SCA so their knights can show me how to use it properly, just in case.

If I have a son one day, I'll pass it onto him on his wedding day as a symbol of his responsibility to protect his family... my family has no real heirlooms and I think it would be quite nice to be able to give my son a tangible piece of family heritage.