Friday, June 24, 2005

Second Officer Swart

As of yesterday I gave up my position as the Dauntless' Chief Science Officer.

I served as CSO for the better part of a year. Although I wasn't as active as I would've liked to have been, it felt good being in the Sciences Branch for a while.

Having spent the first five years of my Starfleet career in the Command Branch commanding an independent ship, the USS Inkosi, it was a welcome break for me being able to serve aboard a ship where the responsibility of keeping things going didn't rest squarely on my shoulders.

But now that I've been made Second Officer of the Dauntless, my former Deputy Chief Science Officer is champing at the bit to get into a Department Head position. So, although it's not a requirement, I'm happy to stand aside and let her do it.

Pity I only got to wear my blue uniform once... but I think I look better in red anyway.