Monday, June 27, 2005

Is the truth all it’s cracked up to be?

The last few months I’ve undergone what I like to think of as an awakening, as I have come to embrace critical thinking.

I have called into question many of my previously held beliefs and found them to be false. It’s scary, but at the same time liberating… as if I’m shedding the shackles of society and embracing truth.

For someone like me, it’s cool to do that. I have the intelligence to cope with the fact that there is no supernatural power at work in the universe. I can deal with the fact that I’m on Earth for no reason other than the fact that I am… I wasn’t put here by any creator (be it God, Xenu, Allah, Marduk, Zeus or any other mythological character) other than my biological parents.

But not everyone is able to handle that truth.

Some people feel that they need to have an external purpose… it’s not enough for them to define a purpose of their own. It’s as if they feel overwhelmed by their own lives, and feel as if there has to be someone else at the helm.

I don’t understand why it’s so difficult… surely if you’re the only one who controls your life it makes it easier? Because then everything is your own decision… if you must do something, then do it… there’s no need to pray to ask for permission or assistance.

As euphoric as my awakening has been, I can’t decide if I have any sort of responsibility to share that awakening with others.

I mean, people who subscribe to religious beliefs based entirely on fiction, like Mormons, Scientiologists and Sitchinites… I can show them hard evidence that their religions are entirely fake and have absolutely no basis in reality whatsoever.

But what if they’re happy?

What if their beliefs, no matter how idiotic, bring them comfort and solace in difficult times? Do I have the right to deprive them of that by showing them the truth?

Is it up to me to unplug them from the Matrix, or is it better to leave them hooked up and oblivious?

Is it better to live a happy life based on lies, or a difficult one based on the truth?

Let me put it like this: if your partner was cheating on you, but in such a way that you would never find out. As a result, your partner was happier, which resulted in a more stable relationship for the two of you. Would you want to carry on like that, or would you prefer to know about the infidelity?

It’s the Prime Directive – to not interfere in the natural development of those less advanced than I. But what criteria would I use to decide whether someone is ready to be unplugged?

It’s not as simple as offering them a choice of two coloured pills… offering someone a choice like that already constitutes interference.

(I know what you’re thinking. “How arrogant is this guy to suggest that his beliefs are more correct than mine?” Well the fact is that I don’t have beliefs anymore. Beliefs are things you have when you lack evidence… my world view is slowly reshaping itself to conform to that which can be proven. Saying something is true isn’t good enough… you’ll have to show me.)